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Neighbor Gift Basket Idea

Well, the warm weather has finally arrived here in Williamsburg, and we've all got our fingers crossed that it's here to stay!

It's incredible how much of an impact the weather has on us, isn't it?

I gotta tell ya, that nasty winter we had was starting to really make me cranky.

But now, the sunshine and warm temps have completely changed my outlook, and I'm feeling energetic and happy!  Does that happen to you?

Spread the Sunshine

Neighbor Gift Basket Ideas

When you're feeling happy, is there really anything better than spreading it around?

I mean, who doesn't love bringing a smile to someone's face & brightening their day?

Today's post is all about spreading the sunshine.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!  Happy Spring!  Happy Gardening!

Whatever the occasion, a sweet little gift basket is sure to deliver some unexpected sunshine to someone special, so I've created some FREE gift basket printables to help you share the happy.

Got a new neighbor?  Use the "Welcome to the Neighborhood" label.

Got a friend with a green thumb?  Help them kick-start their garden with a new plant and some gardening markers, and the "Happy Gardening" label.

Or, just wanna surprise someone with a little something?  Add the "Happy Spring" label to your basket.

What to tuck inside your gift baskets:

No need to spend a lot of money here.

I put this gift basket together for under $15, and that includes the cute little box that's holding everything.

Here's what I used:

  1. Two little plants from Home Depot.  I chose perennials that will come back year after year.
Neighbor Gift Basket Ideas

2.  Cute little garden ornament from Target.

Neighbor Gift Basket Ideas

3.  Inspirational rock, wooden garden stakes, and wooden box from TJ Maxx.

Neighbor Gift Basket Ideas
Free Gift Basket Printables

Download your FREE Gift Basket Printables here.

BONUS!!!  I'd love to see what you do with your free labels!

Share your pics with me at Jen (at) JenTbyDesign (dot) com by April 30th,  and on May 1st I'll choose one winner at random to win a $25 gift code.  

Now, go spread some happy!