Donut Gift Tags for National Donut Day

Donut Gift Tags for National Donut Day

If you're like me, you don't need an excuse to eat donuts.

But for those of you that do, thank goodness they've created a holiday just for you:  National Donut Day!

Yeah, baby!  This year it falls on Friday, June 5th.

It's a day where we can splurge on these sweet little bites of Heaven to our heart's content, and don't have to worry for a second about calories.

Yep, that's right.  Did you know that donuts are totally calorie-free on National Donut Day?!!  (At least that's what I choose to believe, so if you think otherwise, don't rain on my parade, ok)?

And because everyone should be entitled to indulge, wouldn't it be nice if we paid it forward and gifted donuts to all of our friends?

I think yes, and I was certain you'd agree, so I created some fun little donut gift tags for the occasion. 

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