Jen T by Design Launch Party Giveaway DAY 7

Adventure Awaits

Well, guys, it's here...DAY 7 of our "Seven Days of Giveaways Launch Party!"

It's sad to see the fun come to an end, but it sure has been a blast, hasn't it?!!

I sure hope you all have had as much fun as I have!  

There's LOTS more fun to come, I promise!

In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret.  Ok, maybe it's not so little.

There's a GRAND FINALE to this Launch Party.

And it's starts tomorrow! 


You heard that right, and if you're squealing out loud with excitement right now, you totally should be!

It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!

Make sure you check back tomorrow so you can join in the fun!

But, until then, you can still put your name in the hat for today's giveaway.

Here's what's up for grabs:

1.  One 5" x 7" Jen T by Design "Adventure Awaits" art print, mounted on a gold + white clipboard.  (Gotta love Target...I scooped up all the clipboards they had for these giveaways)!

Adventure Awaits

2.  20 black + white striped straws,  2 rolls of coordinating washi tape, and a mini frame with a black + gold art print.

Adventure Awaits Giveaway

3.  A beautiful coral, aqua and gold statement necklace from Charming Charlie's.  (If whoever wins this giveaway wants me to keep this necklace for myself, I'll totally understand).  :)

Adventure Awaits Giveaway

4.  One framed 4" x 6" Jen T by Design "Tribal Arrow" art print, and one mini frame with a white + gold arrow art print.  

Adventure Awaits

5.  One Waterlily + Aloe scented aqua candle.

Adventure Awaits Giveaway

6.  Set of 3 Kate Spade black + white polka dot party poms.

Kate Spade Party Poms

Gorgeous giveaway pack, right?!!!  Enter to win here:

Happy Celebrating!!!  xoxoxoxo