A Fun Margarita Fiesta

Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign

Ohhhh, y'all this is such a fun post!  Are you ready?!!!

If you love spending time with friends while nibblin' on munchies and sippin' on cocktails, then this Fun Margarita Fiesta is for you!

It's super casual, and really easy to throw together...my kinda shindig!  :)

Margarita Fiesta - Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas - JenTbyDesign
Fun Margarita Fiesta Party Ideas

Of course, the stars of the show are the 'ritas, so might as well dress them up for the occasion, right?

I chose this recipe because I loved the color of the cocktail.  Yes, I know...I'm weird like that, but it works, right?  ;)

I wanted the tablescape to be bright and colorful with Mexican flair, so I sliced up some jalapeños to give the drink some spice, and added a baby habanero pepper and lime slice as garnish for pops of color.

Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Food - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Food - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign

Keeping with the Mexican theme, and trying to keep things casual, the food centered around chips and dips.

I mean, what goes better with margaritas?

Spicy guacamole, queso, fresh garden salsa, and corn & caramelized onion salad were all available to munch on, and were soooo tasty!

Oriental Trading Company has the cutest little brightly colored shot glasses that were perfect for serving the corn salad in, and they added a festive touch to the table.

Lime wedges were available to add some extra zip to the dips, if anyone wanted it, and looked really cool with the party decor on the table.

And can we just talk about that "Chippin,' Dippin,' and Margarita Sippin" sign that I designed? So fun, right?!!  I just love how it looks in the distressed frame I found at Michaels!

Get the print in the shop here.

Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign

I love using natural elements in my celebrations, and what could be better for a Fun Margarita Fiesta than colorful peppers?  

Rich green jalapeños, bright red hot chili peppers, and fiery habanero peppers served as the perfect table decor for the party.

Bright, cheerful fiesta goodies from Oriental Trading Company were just what were needed to make the party decor complete!

Giant balloon letters spelled out OLÉ, while the fun fiesta garland added color and flair!

I thought the taco garland was just too cute to pass up, and it added a hint of whimsy to the table.  :)

The fiesta plates and napkins were the perfect finishing touches.  
Margarita Fiesta - Fiesta Party Favor Ideas - JenTbyDesign
Last but not least, some DIY Margarita Party Favors were on hand for guests to take home.

Oriental Trading had some taco holders that matched the party plates, so I used them to create boxes to hold some fun goodies.

Mini bottles of tequila, guacamole mix, shot glasses (the same ones that I used for the corn salad above), and "Island Margarita" hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works were tucked inside.  

I finished the boxes off with fun fiesta favor tags (available here).

Giant margarita and lime balloons, fiesta garland, and a coordinating fiesta favor sign finished off our favor station...and looked super cute, I might add!

See...all of this was so easy...and FUN!!!  You can totally recreate this at home, I have no doubt!

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Jen T by Design:  "Chippin,' Dippin,' and Margarita Sippin" sign; "Holy Guacamole" favor tags & favor sign set; party styling & ideas; photography

Oriental Trading: Balloons, plates, napkins, taco holders, taco banner, fiesta banner, tissue paper fans, shot glasses

Michaels:  Picture frames

Target:  Cactus

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