80s-Inspired DIY Table Runner

Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for providing me with fabulous products for this post. All ideas and opinions found in this post are my own.

80s-Inspired DIY Table Runner

Sometimes the simplest projects are the coolest, and this 80s-Inspired DIY Table Runner happens to be one of the simplest, coolest projects you’ll ever see!

We recently threw a “Bad to the Bone” 80s-Inspired Halloween Party, and this super cute DIY added a ton of flair to the festivities…and it was so easy to make!

The great thing about this is that you can use it for any 80s themed party; it doesn’t have to be just for Halloween. Simply leave out the pumpkins and you can use this idea any time of year!

Everything you need to make this table runner can be found at my favorite one-stop party shop, Oriental Trading. All you need is some colorful card stock, pipe cleaners, , and hot glue. I also used paint chip circles from Oriental Trading, but you can totally just cut circles out of the card stock, if you prefer.

Start by hot gluing the circles to a long stretch of baker’s twine.


Next, bend the pipe cleaners into abstract shapes. I created some zig-zags and triangles. Cut a few more abstract shapes out of the card stock.


Lay the circle garland across your table, then accentuate with the abstract shapes. That’s all there is to it! See, told ya it was easy. And how cute is that?!! It’s, like, totally 80s, right?

80s-Inspired DIY Table Runner

Here’s how it looks on the finished table. Add pumpkins to create the Halloween vibe, or leave them out to use this 80s-Inspired DIY Table Runner any time of year!

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