DIY Christmas Milk and Cookies Tray

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Santa isn't the only one who loves milk and cookies, ya know.  If ya ask me, milk and cookies should be served nightly throughout the Christmas season, and this fun DIY Christmas Milk and Cookies Tray helps you do just that!  

I scored this adorable, rustic tray at JoAnn a few months back, and have been holding onto it until I had the perfect use for it.  Well, when I was searching for something on Etsy last week, I came across this SVG file from Honeybee SVG and knew right away that it would be perfect for the tray!

I pulled out my Cricut Maker, dug through my adhesive foil stash, and within 20 minutes, I had this tray whipped up!  

DIY Christmas Milk and Cookies Tray with Cricut.jpg

When you upload the SVG file to Design Space and click "Make It," the software automatically sorts the image onto different mats, so all you need to do is load the different foil sheets and cut!

I used the red and green shades from the Bejeweled Adhesive Foil Sampler, and a rose gold shade from the Foil Matte Adhesive Sampler. 

Once the Maker cut everything out, I layered the foil onto some transfer paper, centered it onto the tray, used the scraper to help adhere the foil to the wood, then peeled away the transfer backing.  

That's seriously all there is to it, and it's so cute!!!

DIY Milk and Cookies Tray 9.jpg

It's so pretty that you can just leave this cutie out on the table as decor, and each night through Christmas, fill 'er up with some cookies and milk!

DIY Milk and Cookies Tray 8.jpg
DIY Milk and Cookies Tray 4.jpg

If you want to fancy up some milk jugs to go with your nightly sweets fix, I've created these FREE SANTA MILK LABELS just for you!  

Download your FREE MILK LABELS here.

If you decide to use them, please tag me on social media so I can see!  Have fun, and happy holidays!!!  xoxoxo, Jen

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