Stylish Ideas for a Graduation Party

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Pretty graduation table!

Last year our youngest of four kiddos graduated from high school.

She's our only girl, so I was really ready to break from the masculine look and come up with some pretty, stylish ideas for a graduation party!

I wanted to make the celebration personal and special, so I incorporated custom, personalized touches wherever I could.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - JenTbyDesign

A $35 fence section from Home Depot served as the backdrop, which I distressed to look like vintage wood.

Pictures of our baby girl throughout the years were displayed on the fence, as well as on the graduation party table.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Such a pretty graduation party table design! JenTbyDesign

I created a party bunting for the front of the table which showcased our daughter's name, and accented it with DIY paper fans in her school color.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Gorgeous customized graduation party banner!  JenTbyDesign

I found some silver sequin paper at Michaels and used it to create the focal point of the fence...Madison's graduation year.  You guys have no idea how excited I was, after 3 boys' graduations, to finally have sparkle!!!  ;)

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Unique, stylish take on showcasing the graduation year.  Love the glitter with the accent color behind it!

The graduation cake and cupcakes were all made by me, and were showcased on classic white dishes accented with silver glitter washi tape and silver sequin trim.  

Take special note of that lopsided cake.  It was a work of love!  ;)

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Love the party tassle and glitter!  JenTbyDesign
Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Graduation cupcakes
Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Graduation Cupcake Display -
Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Graduation Cupcakes

I wanted to have something nice to put the graduation cards in, so I decorated a box I had on hand with a little "cards" banner that coordinated with the graduation bunting on the front of the table.  An extra tassel bundle from the tissue paper bunting was used for accent.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas - Decorated card box for gifts.  JenTbyDesign.jpg

Chocolate truffles were tucked inside white cube favor boxes and served as the graduation party favors.

Monogrammed graduation favor labels (available in our shop) adorned each box, and included the graduate's name and the year.

Graduation party favors personalized - love the monogram!
Personalized Graduation Favor Labels -

Graduation Party Resources:

– Event styling and design: Jen T by Design
– Photography: Jen T by Design
- Printable Monogrammed Favor Labels:  Jen T by Design
- Cube Favor Boxes and Sequin Paper for Year:  Michaels Arts and Crafts
– Paper Accessories {party bunting, card bunting,}: Jen T by Design
– Tissue Paper Tassel Garland and Cake Topper: Luna Fringe (no longer in business, but can be purchased from The Flair Exchange).
– Striped Baking Cups:  Paper Eskimo
- Fence Section:  Home Depot

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