Salon Birthday Party - PART 1 - The Decor

Salon Birthday Party - PART 1 - The Decor

When my niece told me she wanted a "bathroom party" for her birthday I had to hide the look of horror on my face.  "Ummmm, a what," I asked?  "Auntie Jen doesn't think she heard you right, honey."  

After a little chat with my sweet girl, I realized, thank goodness, that I absolutely did not have to come up with a party revolving around toilet paper and other unmentionables.  

What she meant to ask for was {what I have totally more appropriately named} a Salon Birthday Party.  

A party where you get your hair done and your nails painted....which usually happens in the bathroom.   Ahhhhh.  See?  A soon-to-be-8-year-old's version of a bathroom party.

Since she wanted to invite some of her boy buddies to join the fun, and they definitely wouldn't be interested in the whole salon experience, we broadened the theme a little  more, and the party officially became a "Salon & Stache Bash."

Now that, Auntie Jen can do.  :)

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