Salon Birthday Party - PART 1 - The Decor

Salon Birthday Party Ideas -

When my niece told me she wanted a "bathroom party" for her birthday I had to hide the look of horror on my face.  "Ummmm, a what," I asked?  "Auntie Jen doesn't think she heard you right, honey."  

After a little chat with my sweet girl, I realized, thank goodness, that I absolutely did not have to come up with a party revolving around toilet paper and other unmentionables.  

What she meant to ask for was {what I have totally more appropriately named} a Salon Birthday Party.  

A party where you get your hair done and your nails painted....which usually happens in the bathroom.   Ahhhhh.  See?  A soon-to-be-8-year-old's version of a bathroom party.

Since she wanted to invite some of her boy buddies to join the fun, and they definitely wouldn't be interested in the whole salon experience, we broadened the theme a little  more, and the party officially became a "Salon & Stache Bash."

Now that, Auntie Jen can do.  :)

Salon Birthday Party Decor
Salon Birthday Party Custom Capes
Salon Birthday Party - DIY Party Lanterns
Salon Birthday Party - Hair Styling Station
Salon Birthday Party Ideas - Hair Bling

I recruited a couple of my kiddos and some of their friends, and they became our salon "staff."

My daughter and one of her friends were our hair stylists,  our son manned the shaving & mustache station, and his girlfriend and another of my daughter's friends painted fingernails.

We took ALL of the furniture out of the living room, and created our very own version of a salon...otherwise known as "Gracie's Style & Stache Salon."  

I used two fence sections from Home Depot and created our salon "walls."  You may remember seeing one of the fences in this baby shower I shared a few weeks ago.  

For this party, one fence served as our hair station.  I mounted two inexpensive mirrors onto the fence, and wrapped them in party lights from Shindigz.  

To create each hair station, I covered wooden dinner trays with plastic tablecloths, and placed them in front of each mirror.

I created some Salon Birthday Party iron-on logos, ironed them onto cheap towels from Walmart, and draped them over card table chairs to be used as capes for the kiddos as they got their hair done.

Loads of hair goodies were placed in between the stations so the kids could choose what they wanted to do with their hair.  We had glitter hair spray, clip-on feathers, clip-on extensions, chalk hair color, and lots of clips and ties.  The kids...even the boys...LOVED it!!!

I used coordinating colors of washi tape to dress up plain white party lanterns from Shindigz, and hung them over the hair stations to serve as stylish salon decor.  

Salon Birthday Party Ideas - Nail Painting Station
Salon Birthday Party - Nail Polish Station

The nail polishing station for the Salon Birthday Party was anchored by the second fence, and a custom "Style & Stache" salon poster that I displayed was the focal point.

A smaller "Pretty Your Nails" 8x10 print was framed and hung, as well.  

Nail polishes, fingernail stickers & gems, nail polish remover, and cotton pads were all available at the station.

I had two hair dryers on hand to help the nails dry quickly, which was a huge help!

Salon Birthday Party - Mustache Bar
Salon Birthday Party Mustache Station
Salon Birthday Party Ideas - Mustache Bar

The shaving station was so cute!!!

I saved the tube that the poster was delivered in, and cut it in half.  I wrapped it with crepe paper to look like a barber pole, then topped it with a white balloon.  SO adorable, and SO easy!!!

I found disposable razors at the dollar store and popped the blades out of them so that the kids could use them to "shave" shaving cream off of their faces.

Fun little mustaches were put out for the boys, but the girls ended up loving them, too!  We also had mustache tattoos that we put on their index fingers so they could hold them over their lips for photo ops.  They had a BLAST with them!

Check out Part 2 of our Salon Birthday Party here, so you can see how we moved the kiddos from station to station, and you can see the salon in action!

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