Salon Birthday Party - PART 2 - The Fun Stations!

Salon Birthday Party Ideas -

Are you ready to see the most adorable little Salon Birthday Party that there ever was?

Last week, in Part One of this party post, I showed you how we gutted our living room and set up the stations for the party.  

If you missed it, it's a must see!  Find all of the awesome pics and deets here.

Today, I'm going to show you how we moved the kids from station to station so that everyone was busy the entire time, and so they each got the full salon experience.  

Here we go!  

The Reception Area

Salon Birthday Party - Reception Station
Salon Birthday Party - Appointment Cards
Salon Birthday Party - Reception Station

The reception area...and the receptionist...are crucial to making sure this party runs smoothly!

We wanted to be sure that we kept all of the kiddos engaged throughout the party, and wanted to avoid having them bored while waiting for "services."

With 4 stations and 8 kids, we organized "appointments" in a date book that I picked up at the dollar store.  We arranged it so that two kids were designated to each station at a time, and would then rotate through the other stations as the party went on.

We set up a reception desk where all of the kiddos "checked in" as they arrived to the party, and our receptionist (my mom, and the birthday girl's awesome Mimi), gave each of them an appointment card.

She circled the service that they were scheduled for first, and then instructed them to check back in with her when that service was finished.

She continued moving the kids through the open spots in the salon until everyone had experienced everything.

It all worked out perfectly!!!

Salon Birthday Party Station One:  The Hair Station

Salon Birthday Party - Hair Station
Salon Party - Hair Station

The hair station was definitely the highlight of the party!  The kids could not wait for their turn to get their hair done!

My daughter (who was actually in Cosmetology School at the time of the party), and one of her friends, were our designated hair stylists.

We had a ton of hair goodies set out for them to use on the kiddos hair.  (You can catch a glimpse of all the fun stuff we used in the Part One post here).

If you use chalk color like we did, be sure to make sure it's okay with their parents, and be sure to use gloves!  

Be sure to use a towel or cape to protect their clothes, too!

We also had some makeup available if the girls wanted a little put on them while they were in the chair.  

Salon Birthday Party Station Two:  The Nail Station

Salon Birthday Party - Nail Station
Salon Birthday Party Ideas - Nail Station

The kiddos loved, loved, LOVED the nail station!  

We had nail polishes in bunches of colors available for them to choose from, and we had little fingernail stickers they could use, if they wanted.

Nail polish remover and pads were on hand in case the kids already had polish on and needed it removed.  We made sure to have a little trash can handy under the table to throw away the polish remover pads.

Hair dryers were used to help dry the polish in a jiffy so that it wouldn't smudge and the kids could move on to the next station.  

Salon Birthday Party Station Three:  The "Stache & Shave" Station

Salon Birthday Party - Shaving and Mustache Station
Salon Birthday Party - Mustache Tattoo Station
Salon Birthday Party - Mustache Tattoos

The shaving station was another fun highlight to our party.

We took the blades out of disposable razors and provided sensitive skin shaving cream so the boys could actually "shave."  They got a huge kick out of it!

So the girls didn't feel left out, we put out a variety of mustache tattoos.  Our son helped them apply the tattoos to their fingers so they could have mustaches, too.  

Although, I have to say...we had some fake mustaches available, and the girls loved wearing them just as much as the boys did!

Salon Birthday Party Station Four:  The Salon Shop

Salon Birthday Party - Salon Shop
Salon Birthday Party - Shopping Station
Salon Birthday Party - Shopping Station
Salon Birthday Party - Shopping Station
Salon Birthday Party - Shopping Station

While the kiddos were in between services, our receptionist gave them "Stache Cash" to go "shopping" at our salon store.

We created little personalized "swag bags" for each guest, and they got to fill their bags with all kinds of styling goodies.

We had a slew of goodies from the dollar store...combs, toe separators, hair ties, clips, get the idea.

Customized goodies were included, too..."Gracie's Style & 'Stache Salon" body wash shampoo, lip gloss, and chapstick.

T-shirts for each of the kiddos were available, too!

Salon Birthday Party - Mustache Pops

Remember to check out Part One of our Salon Birthday Party for all of the decor how-to's, and stay tuned for the entire printable collection for this party, which will be hitting the shop soon!

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