How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart

How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -

Aloha!!!  As promised in my Tropical Bridal Shower Brunch post yesterday, I'm back today to share some ideas for how to style a Tropical Bar Cart!  

I'm by no means an expert, but I think the cart turned out pretty darn, if this gives you some inspiration to recreate your own, then I'll consider my mission accomplished.  ;)

Basically, if the vibe of your cart flows well with the vibe of your party area, then you're in good shape!

However, if you're in need of a little clarification, here are a few tips to help you style the perfect tropical bar cart:

How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -

Bar Cart Tip #1: Don't Underestimate the Power of Spray Paint

Finding the perfect bar cart isn't always an easy task.  You might not be able to find just what you're looking for, or maybe the one you really love is way out of your price range.  Don't ya hate it when that happens?

I was searching for a white bar cart that I could use over and over again.  One that was simple in style and could be used in different settings.  I wasn't having any luck finding what I had in mind.

When I found this beauty at HomeGoods, she was aqua.  I loved her versatile style, I actually loved the aqua, and I really loved the price tag, but I needed her to be white.  

This is where the power of spray paint comes in!  With some Rustoleum Lacquer spray paint, she was white and shiny in no time...just like I'd hoped!  Bonus?  The lacquer paint is indoor/outdoor paint, so this beauty can be used for both inside and outside gatherings.  Score!!!

The bottom line is, you might not be able to find just what you're looking for, but don't be afraid to reimagine a good find and make it work for you!

How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -

Bar Cart Tip #2: Keep the Vibe Consistent

Consistency is key!  

Our party area consisted of lots of natural tropical elements, so it was important to incorporate those same elements from the main party area into the bar cart decor.  

Hibiscus blooms, plumeria blooms, and palm leaves that graced our party table were carried over to the cart styling, as well as a gold mercury mason jar that helped tie the cart in with our DIY Tropical Overhang. 

Fern and hibiscus plants from Home Depot added to our tropical vibe without overpowering it.

Be sure to stick with the same color palette, too!  

The gold accents from our table place settings reappeared on our bar cart in the glasses and ice bucket, and the cheerful colors from our balloon centerpiece were echoed by tassel garland in the same colors.  
Wanna know a secret? The cocktails were supposed to be pink and yellow to match the party decor.  Obviously, looking at the pics you can see that they didn't quite work out as planned.  Boo.  :( 

I almost didn't even share pics of the cocktails because of that, but figured ya might like to know that even while things might look all put together in my world, I have fails all the time, too.  I screw up with the best of 'em, y'all!  

Wanna know something else?  Those hibiscus blooms in the drinks are edible!!!  Who knew there were edible hibiscus flowers?  Find them here
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart 8
How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -

Bar Cart Tip #3:  Keep Visual Interest

Using different heights and textures will make sure your Tropical Bar Cart is eye-catching and pretty.  Just be sure not to over-do it...less is more!

Layering and stacking items that tie into the decor are a perfect way to add dimension to your cart display.  

I stacked gold-foiled gift boxes and a gold metal tray to showcase scrumptious tropical cookies (made by my gal pal Leigh of Baby Gabey Cookies, @babygabeycookies on Instagram) and DIY palm tree favors. Showcasing everything together but at different heights gave the goodies serious eye appeal.  (How perfect are those cookies, you guys)?!!!  

The cutouts in the mirrored drink tray added just enough texture to the cart without overpowering anything, and the fern in the background served as the perfect vehicle to make the eyes travel upward and tie in the pretty tropical flower on the left.    

Also, don't be afraid of sprinkling on a little "ground cover" to tie everything together.  

See how a few of the edible hibiscus blooms were scattered around the glasses and on top of the ice bucket to kind of unify everything?  

How to Style a Tropical Bar Cart -

So there ya have it...some tips on how to make your tropical bar cart look amazing!

Be sure to check out the full Tropical Bridal Shower Brunch to see how this cart was the perfect fit for the party, and be sure to check out the DIY palm tree favors on the bottom shelf!

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and Happy Celebrating to ya!  xoxoxo, Jen  :)

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Jen T by Design:  Party styling, photography

Oriental Trading Company: Mercury mason jars, palm leaves, plumeria blooms, palm tree favor containers

Fancy That:  Tassel garland (green, fuchsia, gold)

Baby Gabey Cookies:  Tropical pineapple, palm tree, and hibiscus cookies

Michaels:  White flower garland, hibiscus

Home Goods:  Bar cart, drink tray, gold-dipped glasses, melamine leaf plate, gold foil gift boxes (used as risers), ice bowl, faux tropical plant

Home Depot:  Rustoleum Lacquer Spray Paint, fern plants, hibiscus plants

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