Flamingo Birthday Party Collection

Flamingo Birthday Party

Today's a fun day, y'all!  I've been so excited to share this post with you that I've been about to burst for weeks!

Our brand spanking new Flamingo Birthday Party Collection is here!  

This set is adorable, you guys.  Seriously, soooo cute, and the colors are perfect for summertime!

Here's what's in the collection:

Each item is available individually, or you can purchase ALL of the accessories as a package and save 45% off the retail price! (Customized invites not included in package).  See the Flamingo Party Accessory Package here.

See, I told ya!  So super cute!  It's all so bright and cheery I can hardly stand it!  

And, it gets even cuter!  For our Flamingo Birthday Party, we used these adorable little embroidered flamingo koozies from BASE Camp Collections.  

Aren't they fun?!!!  I'd highly recommend picking up a few for your party, too!

They make great party favors!

embroidered flamingo koozies
flamingo birthday party