10 Football Tailgate Ideas + Free Straw Flags

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Hey y'all!  Have you missed me?!!

I took some time off from blogging this summer to work on some things behind the scenes, and, after tons of testing and planning, I'm excited to tell ya that a BIG announcement is coming soon.  I think you're gonna love it, so stay tuned!!!

Anyhoo, let's get to this tailgate talk, shall we?

Believe it or not, summer is rapidly coming to a close, and fall will be here before we know it.

In fact, I went into HomeGoods earlier this week and their shelves were already packed with Halloween stuff.  Crazy!!!  Newsflash, it's still August, people.  

Again, I'm off topic.  I digress.

So, with fall comes football...and my favorite...TAILGATES!!!

I've rounded up some super fun Football Tailgate Ideas that will have everyone wanting to hang out at your tent at the next big game.  

And, I've designed some FREE pennant straw flags in lots of colors that you can use to jazz up your tailgate set-up.  You'll find the link to download them in #5 of this post.  :)

1. Football Tailgate Invitations

Football Tailgate Party Invitations
Football Tailgate Invitations

Wooohoooo, the "Throwdown before the Touchdowns" is what it's all about, you guys!  Why not send out a super festive Tailgate Invitation to get the excitement building for the big game?  Not only are invites a fun way to kick off the tailgating, if you like to be organized like me, it helps you keep track of who's bringing what for food so you can make sure there's plenty of variety. Get the invites here and here.

2.  DIY Paper Football Field

Tailget Ideas - DIY Paper Football Field

Move over cornhole, there's a new game in town!  Bring back the "old school" days with a DIY Paper Football Field.  So stinkin' fun!  Get the how-to here.

3.  Magnetic Koozies

Football Tailgate Ideas - Magnetic Koozies

Magnetic koozies?!!! Yes, please!  They'll keep your beer cold, AND keep them from getting knocked over during your mad game of paper football.  ;)  Get them here.

4.  Tailgate Cup Sleeves 

Football Tailgate Cup Sleeves

Not drinking beer?  Not to worry!  We've got something festive for you, too!  These printable cup sleeves wrap right around 16-oz. styrofoam cups, so whatever you decide to drink will look adorable!  Get the cup sleeves here.

5.  Pennant Straw Flags

Football Tailgate Ideas - FREE Printable Pennant Straw Flags
Football Tailgate Ideas - FREE Football Pennant Straw Flags

No matter what you're drinking, make it festive with these FREE printable football pennant straw flags.  Available in a variety of colors so you can choose your faves.  Download them for free here.

6.  Football Nails

football nails.jpg

If you like dressing the part, then this idea is for you!  See the super easy DIY video on PolishandPearls.com.  P. S.  I am totally going to be doing this!!!

7.  Game Day Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Ball

Football Tailgate Ideas - Football Desserts

The best part about tailgates, if you ask me, is the FOOD!  Traditional tailgate foods are awesome, but I like throwing some festive bites into the mix.  This Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Ball from Belle of the Kitchen fits the bill perfectly.  Get the recipe here.

8.  Football Deviled Eggs

Football Tailgate Food - Football Deviled Eggs

Like I said, I'm all about the traditional tailgate goodies, but I like them to be festive.  These Football Deviled Eggs are perfection...yummy and adorable!  Source. 

9.  DIY Football Chip Sacks

Football Tailgate Ideas - Football Snacks

Finger foods are the best for tailgates, but they're not always easy to carry around.  These super cute DIY football bags are an easy solution to serving things like chips, popcorn, nuts, etc., and folks can mingle with them without a problem.  Get the how-to on HWTM Blog here.

10.  Yellow Napkin Penalty Flags

Football Tailgate Ideas - Yellow Napkin Penalty Flags

Napkins are a necessity at any football tailgate, so why not make them suitable for the occasion?  Stack them in a basket labeled "penalty flags," or cut them up and tie them onto your sammie skewers for a fun touch.  See this idea here.

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