Spooktacular Halloween Party

Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

There are a lot of Kids' Halloween Party Ideas floating around out there, but what you're about to see just may be the most Spooktacular Halloween Party for kids that you'll ever see!

Rachel of Fawn Parties is one of the most talented and creative gals I know, and she really outdid herself with this spooky little soirée!

Take a peek below to see the full party, but beware...it's pretty spooktacular!

When Rachel contacted me to create the invites and stationery for the party, I was all in!  

Rachel is a dream to work with, and her ideas sounded wayyyyy too cute to pass up!

This "Spooktacular Halloween Party Invite" is only a little spooky...definitely a good choice for the kiddos.

The black cat and the polka dot pumpkins kinda stole my heart, and I loved Rachel's idea to add a splash of mint green to the design!

Adorable Halloween Party Favors
Adorable Halloween Party Favors
Adorable Halloween Party Favors
Adorable Halloween Party Favors

Tell me, is it wrong of me as an adult to reaallllly want a party favor from this kids' party, because oh. em. gee, y'all...these party favors are "wicked" awesome!!!

Rachel found the short jars, candy corn containers, and little pumpkins from Oriental Trading Company, and used them to create the most adorable little Halloween party favors ever!!!

Seriously...who's swooning?  La, la, LOVE them!

She finished the favors off with tags and flags I designed to coordinate with the invites:  Halloween "Trick or Treat" favor tags and Halloween Straw Flags.  

Both are available in the Etsy shop here

Unique Pumpkin Painting Ideas
Unique Pumpkin Painting Ideas

The kiddos at the party kept busy with a fun pumpkin painting activity...so cool!

 Don't you just love the unique ways that Rachel decorated the pumpkins for the party table?!!

Look at those bat stickers!!!!!

Marbled Halloween Cake
Halloween Cake Topper

And just when you thought this party couldn't possibly get any sweeter...this cake happens.

Just look at this cake!!!

Rachel marbled fondant to get the spooky web-like swirls, and then topped the cake with candy corns and more of our Halloween party flags.  Perfection!!!  

The girl's a party genius, I tell ya!

Be sure to pop over Rachel's blog, Fawn Parties, to see the slew of bootiful Halloween crafts, DIYs, and other seriously incredibly Halloween parties that Rachel is the mastermind of.  

Y'all are gonna flip over her "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary" Halloween party!!!!

Be sure to come back here and tell me what ya think of that one!

Until next time...hugs to ya! 

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