A Fun Tutti Frutti Party for your Cutie!

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Tutti Frutti Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign.com

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be sharing this post!

I have been wanting to style a Tutti Frutti Party for-evvvv-er, and finally got the chance!

If the cheerful, bright colors aren't enough to sell ya on this theme, just wait until you see the fruity freakshakes we incorporated into this party!  Holy awesomeness, y'all!

When I was designing the invitations I got a little carried away.  I think I created five designs, or something like that?  I just couldn't stop!  Anyhoo, I narrowed it down to these two favorites...I'll leave it to you to decide which one you like best.  They're both available for purchase here.

Tutti Frutti Party Ideas - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party Ideas - Fruity Freak Shakes - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party Ideas - Fruity Freak Shakes - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party Ideas - Fresh Fruit Cups - JenTbyDesign.com
The party food consisted of fresh fruit salad, and orange sherbet "freakshakes" topped with lots of yummy goodness!  (If you don't know what a freakshake is, be sure to Google it)!

Ours were served in sundae glasses rimmed with the most adorable Tropical Sprinklefetti from Bakers Party Shop, and were topped with whipped cream, more sprinkles, a variety of hard candies from Oriental Trading, and of course, a cherry!  

I also added pretty paper straws and festive fruit swizzle sticks from Paper Crush as a nice finishing touch.  :)

Before I move on, can we just talk about that white table for a minute?  If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Insta Stories, you might recognize it.

That baby used to be stained an orange-y wood color, and I used some amazing chalk paint from DecoArt to completely transform it.  If you missed the stories, I'll have to share before and after pics sometime, but I'm suuuuuper stoked about how it turned out!  
Tutti Frutti Party - Tutti Frutti Cake - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party - Tutti Frutti Cake - JenTbyDesign.com

We all know that when it comes to birthdays, the cake is the star of the show.  This party was no exception!  

This beauty...and the gorgeous fruit macarons that topped it...were created by Alyson of Confection Deception.  And, spoiler alert...they're not real!!!

Alyson is crazy talented, you guys.  You might remember this faux watermelon cake she made for me for my Watermelon Party. So incredible!

This cake style is super easy to recreate at home...just top with festive sprinkles and garnish with fresh cherries.  Easy peasy!

Tutti Frutti Party - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party - JenTbyDesign.com
Tutti Frutti Party - DIY Pineapple Cup - JenTbyDesign
Tutti Frutti Party - JenTbyDesign.com
Some of my favorite things about this party were the personalized place settings and DIY Pineapple Cups!

Oriental Trading sells the nicest clear plastic plates, so I decided to layer them on top of some larger plates (there are so many color options to choose from), and add some personalized Tutti Frutti circles in between for a custom look.  I just LOVE the way they turned out!

To make the cups, I started with yellow party cups (also from Oriental Trading), and used an orange sharpie to give them a pineapple-y feel.  Then I just used double-sided tape to adhere some green festooning around the top, and voila!  SO flipping cute!!! 

Other party goodies that made our Tutti Frutti party table complete were Meri Meri watermelon napkins from Paper Crush, pretty gold flatware from Oriental Trading, and pink & orange confetti.

I arranged some flowers from Trader Joes inside mason jars from Oriental Trading for the centerpiece, and added a few clementines on wooden skewers to complement the theme. 

For some juicy sweet Tutti Frutti Favor Ideas, click here!

Here's a sneak peek to hold you over:

Tutti Frutti Party Favors - JenTbyDesign

Thanks for visiting, and see ya next time!

xoxoxo, Jen  :)

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Jen T by Design:  Party concept, styling, invitations, personalized plate circles, photography

Oriental Trading:  Mason jars, assorted hard candies, plates, yellow cups, gold flatware, strawberry favor boxes

Amazon:  Festooning

Confection Deception:  Cake, fruit macarons

Paper Crush:  Meri Meri watermelon napkins, fruit garland, and fruit swizzle sticks

Under the Paper Lantern:  Paper lanterns, tissue poms, honeycomb balls, 

Bakers Party Shop:  Tropical Sprinklefetti